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E.V.Kuzmin Equal-weight processing methods of the spread-spectrum minimum shift keying signals 09, 2007 -1
Y.N.Klikushin The Quantitative Assessment of the Properties "Regularity - Chaotic" State of the Signals 10, 2006 0
B.S.Borisov, V.I.Garkusha, V.A.Morozov, B.A.Khadji, E.G.Shustin Radio signal distortions at their propagation along earth-space tracks in presence of non-steady plasma structures 05, 2002 0
02, 2002 -1
02, 2002 0
02, 2002 0
02, 2002 0
01, 2002 0
01, 2002 0
01, 2002 0
01, 2002 0
01, 2002 0
Vladimir A. Vanke Cyclotron and Synchronous Oscillations and Waves of the Electron Beam. General relations. 01, 2002 0
V. P. Yakubov, E. D. Telpuchovskiy, V. L. Mironov, V. B. Kashkin Vectorial exposure to radiation of a forest canopy 01, 2002 0
A. V. Korjenevsky Solving inverse problems in electrical impedance and magnetic induction tomography by artificial neural networks 12, 2001 0
S.N. Kuznetsov Boundary value problem of magnetistatics on the plane in mediums with finite magnetic permeability 12. 2001 0
A.V. Makarenko Influence delay a control signal on optimality of IEEE 802.3X flow control 12, 2001 0
M.Yu. Zvezdina Effect of an impedance surface on the radiation of cruciform radiators 12, 2001 0
V.V. Kopitov, O.G. Pikalov Estimation of accuracy of corners arrival measurement in decameters range of waves 12, 2001 0
D.N. Panin, V.V. Zaitsev, G.P. Yarovoy Synthesis method of fluent matching transitions 12, 2001 0
Yu.A. Dryagin, L.I. Fedoseev, L.M. Kukin, A.A. Shvetsov, V.G. Bozhkov, V.A. Genneberg Reduction of conversion loss and single - sideband noise temperature of near-millimeter wave receivers by restoration of signal converted in image 12, 2001 0
A.V. Makarenko Simulation analysis of dynamic characteristics of the Gigabit Ethernet switch 11, 2001 3
11, 2001 0
P. A. Budko method of calculation of optimum throughputs of broadband networks with ATM technology -1
A. A. Strotsev Conditions of matrix games application for optimization of the multiitem radar-tracking system management 10, 2001 0
V. P. Yakubov, S. A. Slavgorodskiy The model of radiowave tomograph 10, 2001 0
P N. Miheev SVG - New Standard of Web Graphics 10, 2001 0
S. P. Pirogov, J. S. Rasshchepljaev Algorithms of adaptation of parameters of filtrational estimations of signals on the basis of procedures of stochastic approximation with restriction of a trajectory 10, 2001 0
S. E. Mishchenko The complex radiator for wide-angle scanning antenna array 10, 2001 0
R. M. Sedletsky 10, 2001 0
G. G. Vertogradov, D. D. Gabriel'an, M. Yu. Zvezdina, V. N. Chevtchenko Improvement of algorithm of angle distinguishng of uncorrelating signals by adaptive formation of a plitude pattern "nulls" 10, 2001 0
D. D. Gabriel'yan, S. E. Mishchenko The synthesis problem of antenna array of arbitrary geometry by preassigned vector radiation pattern 9, 2001 0
S.I. Semenov Research of not adaptive oerators of discrete convolution for images processing 9, 2001 0
A.A. Strotsev Optimization of management of the multiitem radar-tracking system on the basis of application of the mixed expansion of matrix games of a "not classical" type 9, 2001 0
G. K. Zagorin, A. Yu. Zrazshevsky, Ye. V. Konkov, A. V. Sokolov, S. V. Titov, G. I. Khokhlov, L. F. Chornaya Factors having an influence to millimeter wave propagation in the surface layer of atmosphere 8, 2001 0
A.N Bogolyubov, A.L. Delitsin, I.E. Mogilevsky, A.G. Sveshnikov The problem of computation of waveguide modes in the presence of re-entrant angles 8, 2001 0
A.N Sytchev Approximate analytical method for the analysis of the shielded multiconductor microstrip lines on layered substrate 8, 2001 0
A. G. Filatov Successive and dichotomizing search algorithms optimization by means of dynamic programming approach 8, 2001 0
Albert G. Oganesian, Igor B. Tchaikovsky Influence of the form of a sounding signal to an accuracy of a radar-location of stratified mediums 8, 2001 0
V.I. Shcheglov The Dynamic Permittivity Calculation of Media Having Magnetic and Electric Components 8, 2001 0
D. D. Gabriel'yan, M. Yu. Zvezdina, S. A. Chernikch Space selection of signals of arbitrary polarization 8, 2001 0
V. V. Bykovnikov, A. B. Tokarev Passive algorithm for detection of eavesdropping devices in conditions of a priori unknown transfer constant of communication channel 8, 2001 0
V. P. Pashintsev, S. A. Tishkin, A. A. Smirnov, I.I. Borovliov Equivalent track of decameter wave propagation in spherically stratified ionosphere 8, 2001 0
M. Yu. Zvezdina Effect of the impedance surface of circular cylinder on the radiation of radial electrical dipole 7, 2001 0
A. A. Khalfina "Effect of the impedance surface of circular cylinder on the radiation of radial electrical dipole" 7, 2001 0
A. V. Ksendzuk Scattered signal statistical characteristics estimation for the stochastic surface models 7, 2001 0
V. G. Kerkov, M. M. Skabarov The methodics of terrain masking characteristics influence estimation on overland objects finding efficiency of on-board RLS in conflict dynamics 7, 2001 0
Yuri. S. Radchenko Signal reception effectiveness in the environment of combined interference with the additional processing in median filter 7, 2001 0
M. Yu. Zvezdina, S.N. Marchenko Effect of the impedance surface properties on the scattering characteristics of circular cylinder 7, 2001 0
S.O. Tarasenko Using of illuminators with asymmetrical illuminating pattern for increase of energetic effect of antenn array 6, 2001 0
M. Yu. Zvezdina Effect of the impedance surface of circular cylinder on the radiation of arbitrary oriented dipole. 6, 2001 0
D. N. Panin, V. V. Zaitsev, G. P. Yarovoy Calculation of the plane polarized electromagnetic wave reflection from lumpy chiral layer 6, 2001 0
Pashintsev V. P., Tishkin S. A., Solchatov M. A. Ways of propagation of short waves in a flat reflecting layer of an ionosphere 6, 2001 0
A.C. Shostak, S.P. Lukjanov, A.R. Duma, V.V. Zagockin, O.V Stukach The analysis of theoretical and experimental research of the influences of dielectric properties inspected half-spaces on parameters of linear dipole antennas 6, 2001 0
V.I. Koshelev, V.T. Sarychev, S.E. Shipilov, V. P. Yakubov Estimation of radar objects information features at ultrawideband sounding 6, 2001 0
O.V. Shanin, V. I. Shanin Dimansional data coding in problem of recognition of volume objects 5, 2001 0
V.G. Shavrov, A.A. Glebov, I.E. Dikshtein, V.V. Koledov, D.A. Kosolapov, E.P. Krasnoperov, T. Takagi, A.A. Tulaykova, A.A. Cherechukin Observation of the one-way shape memory effect in Ni-Mn-Fe-Ga Heusler alloy due to the magnetic field induced martensite - austenite transition 5, 2001 0
V. A. Kaloshin 3, 2001 0
M. V. Vesnik, V. A. Kaloshin On the Radiation from the Open End of a Circular Metal-Dielectric Waveguide 2, 2001 0
T. E. Ryzhkina, L. V. Fedorova The Investigation of Statistical and Spectral Characteristics of VHF-UHF Transatmospheric Signals 2, 2001 0
C.N.Klimov, B.V.Sestroretsky The Differential Equations for the Decision of Tasks of Dispersion of Electromagnetic Waves in Time Domain Mode 2, 2001 0
V. Zaharov, F. Casco, M. Gutierrez Smart Antenna Application for Satellite Communication Systems with Space Division Multiple Access 2, 2001 0
S. P. Lukjanov Research of Noise Stability of Algorithm Processing of Polarization Operated Radar Signals by means of Through Periodic Compensation Devices 1, 2001 0
M. Yu. Zvezdina Using of Impedance Covers to Reduce Sidelobe Level of Antenna 1, 2001 0
A. C. Shostak, S. P. Lukjanov, A. R. Duma, V. V. Zagockin The analysis of theoretical and experimental research of the influences of dielectric properties inspected half-spaces on parameters of linear dipole antennas 1, 2001 0
V. G. Kerkov, M. M. Skabarov Methodics of a Complex Estimation of Efficiency of the Radar-Tracking System in Conditions of Disputed Counteraction. 12, 2000 0
G. V. Makarov, V. V. Bykovnikov, A. N. Pjatunin Multitone Algorithm for Detection of Eavesdropping Devices 12, 2000 0
E. A. Shorockova, V. A. Yashnov Influence of Inhomogeneity in a Plane Waveguide on Impulse Radiation of a Thin Electrical Antenna 12, 2000 0
V. P. Yakubov, E. D. Telpuchovskiy, V. D. Chuikov, M. G. Bulahov, D. V. Malishev Vectorial Structure of Radiation which was Reflex by Forest Cover of the Earth 12, 2000 0
G. V. Makarov, V. V. Bykovnikov, A. N. Pjatunin Tone Algorithm for Detection of Eavesdropping Devices 11, 2000 0
V. I. Grigorievskii, A. A. Lichmanov, Y.O. Yakovlev The Temperature Influence on Phase-Delay of Modulation Signal in Optical Locator 11, 2000 0
V. K. Volosyuk, A. V. Ksendzuk Space Ambiguity Functions of Optimal Parameters Estimation Algorithm for Stochastic Surface Parameters 11, 2000 0
S. V. Porshnev Dynamic Instability of a Motioning Charges in a Constant Nonuniform Magnetic Field 11, 2000 0
Y.N.Klikushin The Classufucation's Scales for the Probability Distributions 11, 2000 0
V. Zaharov F. Casco, O. Amin Smart Antenna Base Station Beamformer for Mobile Communications 11, 2000 0
M. V. Ragoulskaja, V. V. Lubimov Instrumental leaning of action of natural magnetic fields on human: methods, soft and results 11, 2000 0
S. P. Lukyanov Noise-immunity of the Polarization Radars in Problem Detechion Stable Targets on Background of Passive ClutterПомехоустойчивость поляризационных радиолокаторов в задаче обнаружения стабильных целей на фоне пассивных помех. 11, 2000 0
V. V. Onoochin A Proposed Experiment of Direct Detective of the Vector Potential Within Classical Electrodynamics 10, 2000 0
M. V. Ragoulskaja, O. V. Khabarova, V. N. Obridko, I. V. Dmitrieva The Influence of Solar Disturbances on Function and Syncronization of Human Organism 10, 2000 0
D. D. Gabriel'an, M.Yu. Zvezdina, Yu. A. Zvezdina, P. I. Kostenko, S. N. Marchenko The Excitation of Impedance Surface of a Circular Cylinder by Circumferential Electric Dipole 10, 2000 0
V. U. Andreev, A. K. Andrikeev, V. I. Grigorievsky The Phase Non-uniformity of Modulation Frequency in the Ray of Semiconductor Laser 10, 2000 0
M. N. Dubrov, V. A. Alyoshin High-Precision Laser Interferometers in Multicomponent Measuring Systems 10, 2000 2
S. E. Bankov, S. Meri An Electromagnetic Analysis of a Coupled Dielectric Waweguide Band Pass Filter 10, 2000 0
B. S. Muravskiy, G.P. Rubtsov, L. R. Grigorian, O. G. Kulikov Electro physical and photo electrical characteristics of transistor structures with distributed p n junction and instruments on their basis 10, 2000 0
A. Morozov, O. Butkovsky, M. Kapranov, Yu. Kravtsov. Modified CSK-System with Discriminant Signal Processing Procedure. 10, 2000 1
Yu. N. Kazantsev, V. P. Mal'tsev, E.S. Sokolovskaya, A. D. Shatrov. Plane Wave Diffraction by Two-dimensional Gratings of Inductive and Capacitive Coupling Elements 9, 2000 0
V.P. Yakubov, D.V. Losev Using of Noncoherent Radiation for Absorbing Media Tomography 9, 2000 0
M.Yu. Zvezdina The Field of Circumferential Electrical Dipole Placed Near Impedance Circular Cylinder 9, 2000 0
V.A. Cherepenin, A.S. Il'in, V.V. Kulagin. About Possibility of Laser Acceleration of Plane Electron's Sheet 9, 2000 0
R.S. Anosov, S.S. Anosov Comparative Analysis of Approximations for Probability of Detection of Radar Signals 8, 2000 0
V.A. Cherepenin, A.S. Il'in, V.V. Kulagin, S.L. Ziglin Interaction of Super Strong Electromagnetic Pulse with Dense Plasma Layer. 8, 2000 0
E.A. Vilkov, V.G. Shavrov, N.S. Shevjachov On the Influence of Moving Domain Boundary on Spectral Properties of Confinemented Magnetostatic Waves. 8, 2000 0
A.G. Oganesian, I.B. Tchaikovsky Potential Radar Thickness Measurements Accuracy of Layered Environments 8, 2000 0
7, 2000 0
F.G. Golik Random Streams of Impulses with Given Correlative Properties 7, 2000 0
V.P. Yakubov, S.N. Kovtun, D.V. Losev Control of Radioactivity Level by Measurements of Background Radiothermal Radiation Fluctuations Intensity 7, 2000 0
D.D. Gabriel'yan, M.Yu. Zvezdina, P.I. Kostenko The Excitation of Impedance Surface of a Circular Cylinder by Longitudinal Electric Dipole 6, 2000 0
L.M. Minokin Diffraction of Plane Electromagnetic Waves on Hollow Dielectric Cone 6, 2000 0
V.S. Semenov, V.G. Dybovsky, A.V. Nevedomsky The Electromagnetic Field of a Linear Alternating Current in Flat Schistose Environment 6, 2000 0
Y. N. Kazantsev, V. N. Apletalin, A. N. Kozyrkov, V. S. Solosin, A. S. Zubov. Control of Backscattering by Corrugated Structures and Small-Period Gratings. 6, 2000 0
N.V. Kretov Factors Affecting Responce of Target Radar Image Forming Filter in Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems. 6, 2000 0
V.I. Shanin, O.V. Shanin Methods of Optical Matched Filtering in Accurate Instrument Design 6, 2000 0
N.V. Kretov, T.Ye. Ryzhkina, L.V. Fedorova "Response of Forming Radar Image Filter on Signal from Small-dimensional Object and Earth Surface Noise Taking Account of Atmospheric Turbulence" 5, 2000 0
A.G. Oganesyan, I.B. Tchaikovsky "About the Possibility of Orbital Superficial Sounding Radiolocator Creation" 5, 2000 0
V.D. Buchelnikov, D.L. Dalidovich, A.T. Zayak, V.G. Shavrov 5, 2000 0
R.P. Bystrov, A.V. Petrov, A.V. Sokolov Millimeter Waves in Communications Systems 5, 2000 0
S.P. Lukjanov Efficiency of the Polarization Radars in Problem Detection Stable Targets on Background of Passive Clutter 5, 2000 0
L.I. Fedoseev Atmospheric Attenuation Influence on Efficiency of Small-Sized Millimeter WAvelength Range Sextant 5, 2000 0
5, 2000 0
V.V. Mercoulov, I.S. Sineva On the Repeated Reflections in the Non-homogeneous Transmission Line 5, 2000 0
Y.N. Kazantsev, V.N. Apletalin, V.S. Solosin, A.S. Zubov Study of Electromagnetic Wave Backscattering from Structures with Anisotropic Conductivity 4, 2000 0
V.N. Kornienko, V.A. Cherepenin Numerical Simulation of Stimulated Radiation of Rigid Rotators Ensemble 4, 2000 0
A.N Bogolyubov, A.L. Delitsin, I.E. Mogilevsky, A.G. Sveshnikov Asymptotic of the Electromagnetic Field at a Neighborhood of an Edge in a Waveguide 4, 2000 0
D.Y. Razdorkin, M.V. Romanenko Dual Shaped Symmetric Reflector Anntenna With Parabolic Panels 4, 2000 0
Yu.N. Klikushin The Fractal Classification Method for Complex Signals 4, 2000 0
L.I. Urutskoev, V.I. Liksonov, V.G. Tsinoev Experimental Finding of "Starnge" Radiation and Transformation of Chemical Elements. 3, 2000 19
"Methods of Computer Simulation of Radar Characteristics of Complex Objects" 3, 2000 0
Yu.N. Klikushin The Fractal Scale for Distribution's Measurements 3, 2000 0
V.P.Yakubov, D.V. Losev, A.I. Maltsev Usage of ultrabroadband radiation for diagnostic of nonlinearities 3, 2000 0
D.D.Gabriel'yan, M.Yu.Zvezdina, P.I.Kostenko The Influence of Impedance Surface of a Circular Cylinder on the Radiating Characteristics of Cross-Dipoles 2, 2000 0
Yu.N. Klikushin The Presentation of Random Signals with the Membership Spectrum 2, 2000 0
V. Minkin, A. Voschinin Asymptotic Method for Predicting Error Performance Parameters and Objectives for Constant Bit Rate Digital Paths Carried by Digital Radio-Relay Systems. 2, 2000 0
V.N. Kornienko, A.Ya. Olienikov, V.A. Cherepenin Testing of Applied Programs Portability 2, 2000 0
V.A. Aksenov, A.V.Belov, E.M.Dianov, G.A.Ivanov, V.G.Plotnichenko Optical Characteristics of Phosphosilicate Fibers 2, 2000 0
O.G. Koshelev, E.A. Forsh Resonator Control of Conductance Homogeneity of Semicionductor Wafers 1, 2000 0
O.S.Mocheneva, M.D.Tokman Possibility of the Remote Sensing of Cloud Crystals Orientation 1, 2000 0
Yu.K. Alekseev, Yu.G. Pavlenko Integral of slow motion of relativistic electron in nonuniform electromagnetic field" 1, 2000 0
D.A. Ryndyk High frequency properties of nonequilibrium Josephson junctions in nanoscale and layered superconductors. 1, 2000 0
A.B. Borzov, E.A. Zasovin, A.V. Sokolov, V.B. Suchkov The Analysis of Radar-Tracking Scenes via Mathematical Simulation Method 12, 1999 0
Shostak A.S., Zagockin V.V., Lukjanov S.P., Karaush A.S. New method for calculating of dielectric parameters of upper ground layers with information about reflection coefficients of flat waves with vertical and horizontal polarizations in microwave range. 11, 1999 0
S.E. Bankov Waveguide Power Divider 11, 1999 0
S.E. Bankov Radiation from an Array of Slotted Radiators 11, 1999 0
Yu.V. Gulyaev, E.E. Zhuravlev, A.Ya. Oleinikov, S.A. Sokolov, Yu.L. Izhvanov, V.K. Batovrin, A.B. Petrov, E.D. Teryaev The Project of Open Systems Center 11, 1999 0
A.N. Vystavkin Estimation of Noise Equivalent Power and Design Analysis of an Andreev Reflection Hot-electron Microbolometer for Submillimeter Radioastronomy 10, 1999 0
V. Vanke, H. Matsumoto, N. Shinohara Cyclotron Wave Electrostatic Amplifier 10, 1999 0
Boris L. Kogan High Power Converter of Microwaves into DC 9, 1999 0
V.Vanke, H.Matsumoto, N.Shinohara, A.Kita High Power Converter of Microwaves into DC 9, 1999 0
Zagoskin V.V., Shostak A.S., Lukyanov S.P. "The Influence of Profile Distribution of Dielectric Parameters in Soils and Thin Layers Ambiences on Factor of Reflection When Flexing by Flat Horizontally-Polarized Microwaves" 8, 1999 0
Vesnik Michael V. A New Analytical Solution Method for the 2D-Diffraction Problems 8, 1999 0
Vanke Vladimir A. Microwave Electronics Based on Electron Beam Transverse Waves Using (State-of-the-Art and Perspective. Russian Experience.) 8, 1999 0
Chernyavsky I.A., Pikunov V.M. Numerical Investigation of Relativistic Backward Oscillator 7, 1999 0
Nikolai A. Bei Multi-band Electronically Scanned Antennas of Centimeter and Millimeter Wave Rangers 6, 1999 0
Semenov V.S., Nevedomsky A.V., Dubovsky V.G. Excitation of Two Conductive Cylinders in a Layered Ground by the Field of Plane Electromagnetic Wave 5, 1999 0
Demidov S.V., Kushnarev K.V., Shevchenko V.V. On Mode Dispersion Properties of Chiral Optical Planar Waveguides 4, 1999 0
Yerokhin G.A., Kocherzhevsky V.G., Petrovsky A.A. Results of Research of Structure of a Near Field 3, 1999 0
Yerokhin G.A., Kocherzhevsky V.G. Correlation Between the Antenna Radiated Scattered Fields Interaction and the Radiation Pattern 3, 1999 0
Kornienko V.N. Computer Simulation of Solitary Dipole_Rotator Radiation Losses 2, 1999 0
Semenov V.S., Nevedomsky A.V., Dybovsky V.G. Excitation of Conductive Cylinder in Layered Ground by the Field of Plane Electromagnetic Wave 2, 1999 0
Ilyin A.S., Kulagin V.V., Cherepenin V.A. Electrons Sheets Model: Classical and Nonclassical Radiation Effects 1, 1999 0
Borzov A.B., Bystrov R.P., Sokolov A.V. Analysis of Radar Properties of Objects of Complex Spatial Configuration 1, 1998 0
Cherepenin V.A., Shumilin V.P. Mechanism of Wideband Microwave Radiation at Explosion of Condensed High Explosives 1, 1998 0
Korjenevsky A.V., Kornienko V.N., Cherepenin V.A. About Possibility of Compression of Electromagnetic Pulses in Active Accelerating Lines and Nonlinear Lines with Memory 1, 1998 0
Korjenevsky A.V., Cherepenin V.A. Magnetic Induction Tomography 1, 1998 0