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Non-Gradient Sar-Tracking Images Algorithm of Phase Correction Under The Signal Trajectory Distortions


O. V. Sytnik

Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics of Ukraine Academy of Sciences

Received March 26, 2008


Problems of construction of adaptive algorithms of synthesizing of radar-tracking images of a spreading surface using signals of a coherent onboard radar are considered. The offered algorithm concerns to a class of self-adjusted algorithms in which the information about trajectory errors is taken directly from the reflected signal. As information parameters the estimation of displacement average on inclined range the Doppler spectrum on an interval of synthesizing and its derivative of higher order is used. It provides an opportunity of automatic correction of the images caused not only errors on speed of flight of the carrier but allows to consider the errors caused by not considered acceleration and the speed of change of acceleration. Search of an optimum  in sense of minimum error mean square correcting factor of a basic function is carried out by non-gradient algorithm. Results of processing of signals of a SAR are resulted. Features of work of algorithm in various conditions are discussed.