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Multilayer Metal-Dielectric Waveguide


B. A. Murmuzhev, R. N. Denisyuk,A. N. Kozyríkov

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

Received March 31, 2011


Abstract. The dispersion equations for two types of orthogonally polarized in transverse direction modes propagating in a plane metal-dielectric waveguide with two wave-guiding layers of unequal thick have been calculated. The effect of an anomalous propagation cutoff regarding the relative slowdown on zero frequency of the fundamental mode polarized orthogonally to the metal screens has been revealed. A possibility of realization of the microwave wideband high-power dividers on the basis of the waveguide under consideration has been shown.

Keywords: dispersion, metal-dielectric waveguide, relative slowdown, low-frequency propagation cutoff, high-power microwave divider.