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Gamma irradiation light-output power of red and yellow InGaAlP heterostructures


A. V. Gradoboev 1,2, K. N. Orlova 1, I. A. Asanov 2

1 Tomsk Polytechnical University, Urga branch

2 Scientific Institute of Semiconductor Devices, Tomsk


Received April 19, 2013


Abstract. Research results of red (630 nm) and yellow (590 nm) InGaAlP heterostructures are presented as an example the light-emitting diodes under irradiation by gamma rays 60Со. An operating mode is passive. The process of degradation light output power is shown in two stages. In the first stage decrease is caused by first type center of nonradiative recombination. It is possible, first type is explained reorganization of existing defect structure. The second type is explained to injection of the centers of purely radiative origin. It is postulated, that light output power decreases proportionally dose gamma-irradiation and inversely operating current.

Keywords: heterostructures AlGaInP, radiation hardness, light-emitting diodes.