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Multi-Markov poly-Gaussian models and algorithms of the wideband systems


S. V. Kozlov, Sh. M. Chabdarov

Kazan National Research Technical University of A.N.Tupolev  (KNRTU-KAI) 


The paper is received on April 9, after correction on April 25, 2014


Abstract: This article describes analysis of the possible ways to build joint algorithms for reception of wideband communication systems that are a limited by the computational complexity and synthesis of the suboptimal algorithm based on a new subclass of poly-Gaussian models - multi-Markov poly-Gaussian. The developed algorithm provides a linear dependence of the number of channels and a polynomial dependence of the elementary arithmetic operation`s count on the dimension of the signal, which is determined by multiplication of the number of signals by the amount of propagation rays. In work efficiency of the synthesized algorithm for signals CDMA One standard is analyzed and confirmed.