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Magnetodeformation effect of the elastomer with the magnetized polydisperse spherical inclusions


A. A. Paníkov

State National Research Politechnical University of Perm


The paper is received on March 18, 2015


Abstract. On the basis of two-level structural mathematical models of mechanics of composites the magnetodeformation effect of unique ability of elastomers with magnetic microparticles to fast and controlled considerable deformations in magnetic fields is investigated. The exact analytical decision for the macroscopic and structural magnetodeformation fields arising at a bend of a cylindrical hollow console core with polydisperse structure from unidirectionally magnetized spherical inclusions in an elastomer in an external quasistatic magnetic field is received. The new analytical decision for residual magnetization of a composite and the decision for a deformation field in an elastomer of a compound spherical cell from action on inclusion of the rotating magnetic moment is given. Statement of a boundary-value problem of elasticity theory for finding of macro-level fields of deformation with the formulation of boundary conditions is proved and given in tension on face, internal and external lateral surfaces of a hollow cylindrical console core with uniform effective elastic properties. Settlement schemes for the solution of this problem on the elasticity theory and are provided in the simplified look for a curved axis of a hollow core. The analysis of influence of a volume fraction of the magnetized spherical inclusions on a flexural deformativnost of a composite core is carried out. Nonmonotonic nature of this dependence is established and optimum values of a volume fraction of inclusions are defined. The conclusion is drawn on need of a choice of an elastomer with high magnetic permeability and small rigidity on stretching.

Key words: magnetic field, magnetooperated elastomer, magnetized structure, composite, effective properties.