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The second order magnetization precession in magnetoelastic medium 


V. S. Vlasov 1, M. S. Kirushev 1, V. G. Shavrov 2, V. I. Shcheglov 2

1 Syktyvkar State University, Syktyvkar, Russia
Kotelínikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Moscow, Russia


The paper is received on April 12, 2015


Abstract. The forced nonlinear magnetization second order precession in normal magnetized plate having magnetoelastic properties is investigated. The orientation transition of magnetization vector which consists in variation of vector equilibrium position by magnetoelastic constant variation is analyzed. The equation system for equilibrium position of magnetization vector relative to magnetization and elastic displacement components which was resolved by Kardano method is found. The parametrical portraits for magnetization and elastic displacement are constructed. The role of magnetoelastic interaction in these portraitsí form is investigated on the basis of potential model. Two models was proposed for interpretation of precession period dependence from magnetoelastic constant value: effective fields and quadratic magnetoelastic connection.†

Key words: magnetization precession, magnetoelastic interaction, parametrical portrait.††