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Formation of a test file of readout of a target signal of the radar-tracking gauge with a continuous wave for imitation of the moving dot target


A. N. Detkov, S. I. Zherebtsov, I. A. Makarov

JSC “Research-and-production Complex Scientific-Research Institute of Long

Distance Radiocommunication, Russia

Received June 27, 2013


Abstract. The algorithm of formation of a test file of readout of the signal simulating the response on an exit of a frequency-dependent part of the onboard radar-tracking gauge of continuous wave from the moving dot target at an irradiation by its probing periodic chirp signal is offered. Analytical expression of a difference of frequencies and phases of a simulated signal, and also its spectrum is received. Questions of generation of sequence of digital readout and the account of casual value of an initial phase of a probing signal in the beginning of the periods of modulation are considered. The received algorithm can be used in akusto - and hydrolocations, and also for calculation of basic functions at CW SAR.

Keywords: the onboard radar-tracking gauge of continuous wave, a test file of the signal simulating, chirp signal.