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Parameters of Microwave Detectors with Low-Barrier Mott Diodes for Matrix Imaging Arrays


V. I. Shashkin, A. V. Murel, N. V. Vostokov

Institute for Physics of Microstructures of RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia


Received June 27, 2013


Abstract: The paper presents experimental results of a study of detectors millimeter-wave (94 GHz) based on low-barrier gallium arsenide diodes made with the use of technology of the surface isotype-delta doping. By varying the parameters of the delta-layer diodes is possible to obtain a wide range of values of the barrier height, which is important for microwave imaging matrix systems that require detectors working without bias. Optimum performance of the detectors are diodes having the effective barrier height of ~0.3 eV as shown theoretically and confirmed by experiment. Dependence parameters of microwave detectors on the input power, signal polarization and temperature was studied.

Key words: gallium arsenide, diode, detector, differential resistance, responsivity.