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The spectrum analysis algorithm of echo-signals of a UWB radar for determining the penetrability of a dielectric barrier


A. P. Zuev1, V. A. Mogilko1, S. S. Negodyaev1,2, A. V. Tsarkov1

1FSUE «Central Research Institute of Chemistry and Mechanics»

2Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)


Received August 12, 2013


Abstract: The algorithm of determining the penetrability of weakly reflecting dielectric barrier for UWB radiation of devices through the wall vision is proposed. The criterion of the penetrability of the barrier is the presence on receiver input reflected pulses from objects behind the barrier. The algorithm determining the penetrability barrier based on spectral analysis echo-signals of UWB radar. Found that the penetrability of the barrier characteristic is the amplitude of the high frequency spectral components.

Key words: ultra wide band radar, signal propagation, penetrability of barrier, spectrum analysis algorithm, through wall vision, bioradars.