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Diffraction of a Plane Electromagnetic Wave by a Dielectric Step


A. A. Komarov, V. A. Permyakov


Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University),

Department of Antennas and Propagation of Radio Waves


Received July 24, 2013


Abstract:  The 2-D problem of diffraction of a plane electromagnetic wave by a dielectric step between two homogeneous half-spaces is considered. The problem is numerically solved using the method of surface integral equations. Equivalent surface currents and scattering cross-sections for various shapes of the dielectric step with a height of 30 wavelengths and a relative permittivity of 3-i0,018 are calculated. The calculated scattering cross-sections are compared with experimental data for the sea ice and icebergs.  

Keywords: diffraction, plane electromagnetic wave, surface integral equations method, dielectric step, scattering cross-section of the ice field.