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The Analysis of leaky-wave antenna based on partially filled rectangular waveguide with long slit


R. R. Abdullin

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin


The paper is received on July 21, 2015, after correction - on August 18, 2015


Abstract: A performance calculation technique for leaky-wave antenna based on planar layered guided structures is provided. Particularly, a partially filled rectangular waveguide with long slit on narrow wall and protective cover is considered as the basis. Expressions for inside and outside magnetic field components calculated by using the Green's functions method for the stratified regions are presented. A dispersion equation obtained by fields cross linking in slit plane is written. The numeric results are provided, dispersion characteristics for different design features of antenna are presented. The possibility of radiation pattern calculation is shown.

Keywords: leaky-wave antenna, rectangular waveguide, planar layered structure, tensor Green's functions, propagation constant, radiation pattern.