"JOURNAL OF RADIO ELECTRONICS" (Zhurnal Radioelektroniki ISSN 1684-1719, N 8, 2018

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Leaking Modes and Parameters of Planar W-fibers


 S. Yu. Otrokhov

Fryazino Branch of the Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Academician B.A.Vvedensky square 1, Moscow region, Fryazino 141190, Russia


 The paper is received on June 9, 2018


Abstract. The results of numerical calculation of the outer transverse wave numbers of the leaking modes of a planar W-fiber in the zones of single-mode and two-mode operating condition are presented. It is shown that, to guarantee the stability of the single-mode or multimode operating condition in the desired range of wavelengths it is necessary to select the geometrical and optical parameters of the W-fiber so that at the required field concentration in the guiding optical core to provide effective filtration of the leaking modes. In the present paper we didnít set the task to choose the optimal parameters of guiding W-fibers so that in a given wavelength range λ the waveguide was single-mode, provided a high field concentration in the main mode and efficiently filtered the leaking modes. The aim was to show what changes in the parameters of the waveguide can correct its most important characteristics.

Key words: planar five Ė layer W-fiber, dispersion relation, cutoff frequency, interlayer refractive index, outer transverse wave number, loss of leaking modes.


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For citation:
S. Yu. Otrokhov. Leaking Modes and Parameters of Planar W-fibers. Zhurnal Radioelektroniki - Journal of Radio Electronics. 2018. No. 8. Available at http://jre.cplire.ru/jre/aug18/2/text.pdf

DOI  10.30898/1684-1719.2018.8.2