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On Calculation of R/Q Ratio of Microwave Vacuum Tubes Multiple Beam Cavities


 Boris V. Prokofyev 1 , Alexander V. Konnov 1, Vladimir L.Savvin 2

1 FSUE  “R&P Corp. ”Toriy”, Moscow

2 M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state university, physics faculty, chair of photonics and microwave physics

Received November 22, 2011


Abstract. A formula for calculation of R/Q ratio of microwave vacuum tubes multiple beam cavities by arbitrary perturbation of the gap RF electric field is derived.  It is shown that the wide used R/Q ratio formula based on the small perturbation and homogeneity of the gap RF electric field leads to conservative values of R/Q ratio.   The results obtained by refined formula are in good correspondence with these computed by macros developed for CST Microwave Studio code.

Key words: cavity R/Q ratio, multiple beam cavity, microwave vacuum tubes, perturbation method, macros.