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Analysis of the error in determining the object's coordinates on the thermal image at remote surveys of overhead power lines

G. K. Makarenko 1, A. M. Aleshechkin 2

1 JSC "IDGC of Siberia", 2 Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Received December 10, 2012


Abstract: In the present paper we describe the developed analytical method of calculation errors in determining the coordinates of the given points thermal images. These coordinate attached thermal images can be used, for example, in remote diagnostics of overhead power lines by determining their hot spots, a sign of pre-emergency state. An algorithm calculating a standard error of determining the coordinates of the given points based on thermal images of known errors in the measurement of the primary influencing parameters (coordinates and angular orientation of the aircraft, etc.). A comparison of errors obtained by an analytical method with the results of estimates of the errors produced by the method of statistical modeling, which confirmed the validity of the results. Material reported at the 6th All-Russian Conference "Radars and communications".

Key words: Overhead power line, infra-red chamber, navigation, position, position error.