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Reconstruction errors of heart current dipole parameters for inhomogeneous round-cylinder-shaped human torso model

N. O. Strelkov, M. N. Kramm, M. V. Sushok
 National Research University "Moscow Power Engineering Institute" 

Received December 17, 2012


Abstract. In this study we analyze the errors of reconstruction of heart dipole source parameters (position and orientation) from electric potentials measured on human torso surface. We investigate the effect of selecting human torso model and number of points in which surface potentials are measured on reconstructed dipole parameters (dipole trajectories – tracks and dipole moment vector hodographs). Obtained hodographs are compared with vectorcardiography method, developed by Ernest Frank. Conclusions about effectiveness of the methods are made on base of calculated reconstruction errors.

Keywords: electrocardiography, vectorcardiography, heart current dipole, electric potentials, human torso model, inhomogeneities,  inverse problem, reconstruction, track, hodograph.