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Investigation of characteristics of experimental radar model with probe radio pulses of nanosecond duration

V. A. Vdovin 1, V. V. Kulagin 1,2, E. V. Mitrofanov 1, V. A. Cherepenin 1

1 Kotelínikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

2 P.K. Stenberg State Astronomic Institute MSU

Received December 4, 2012


Abstract. Probe radio pulses with nanosecond duration emitted by the radar allow achieving high resolution in distance measurements as well as gain certain advantage in the detection of the type and the class of the target. This work presents †experimental radar model which operates in a 3-cm wavelength range and uses probe pulses with 20 ns duration. Laboratory tests of this radar have been conducted which proved its high resolution in distance measurements, ability to work from zero distances as well as ability to separate detection of targets in a dense group with a large difference in effective scattering surface. The concept of a new promising radar model with the probe pulse duration of 2-3 ns is presented. A radio pulse with a such duration will allow spatial resolution of 30-40 cm. The generation of radio pulses of a few nanosecond duration is shown.

Key words: radiolocation, nanosecond pulses, ultra wide band signals, SHF-technique, radiovision.