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Application of Doppler tomography to wind sounding of atmospheric boundary layer

V. V. Sterlyadkin, A. V. Zheltov
Moscow State University of Instrument Engineering and Computer Science

Received November 29, 2012


Abstract. The paper discusses the possibility of recovery of the wind profile in the atmosphere based on Doppler systems with continuous unmodulated radiation, which uses new methods of Doppler tomography. The advantages and disadvantages of such systems in comparison with traditional methods of wind sounding are discussed. Methods for increasing the accuracy of solving the inverse tomography problem using the radiation with a known absorption in the atmosphere gas are considered. The results of numerical modeling of direct and inverse problems, the dependence of the quality of solutions on the complexity of the wind profile and the inhomogeneity of reflectivity are presented. The requirements for the parameters of radar, which provides a solution tomography problem in different weather conditions, are discussed.

Key words: radar meteorology, wind profile, Doppler tomography, inverse problems.