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Continuous spectrum of glow discharge at low pressure

V. A. Pinaev, I. M. Ulanov

S.S.Kutateladze' Thermal Physics Institute of Siberian branch of RAS, Novosibirsk

The paper is received on December 2, 2013

Abstract: The paper contains experimental results for the intensity of the continuous spectrum in the negative glow region of a glow discharge. It is shown that at low pressures and low degree of ionization d ~  10-6 the electron scattering on neutral particles makes the main contribution to the intensity of the continuous spectrum. It was found that the measured value of the intensity of the continuous spectrum exceeded the calculated value 102-104 times, with the largest discrepancy observed at the end of the negative glow region.

Key words: bremsstrahlung emission, continuum spectrum, glow discharge.