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MODEL of Interoperability in cloud computing


E. E. Zhuravlev 1, S. V. Ivanov 2, A. Ya. Oleynikov 3

1 Lebedev Physical Institute of the RAS,
2 Russian New University,
Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS

The paper is received on December 6, 2013


Abstract. On the basis of synthesis of: reference architecture cloud computing proposed by NIST; reference the three-tier model of interoperability given in GOST R 55062-2012; and the Open Cloud Computing Interface, developed by the working group Open Cloud Computing Initiative of the international organization Open Grid Forum, and also with use of NIST Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap the model of interoperability of cloud computing is developed. It is shown that the proposed model in general coincides with the model of interoperability of open grid environment. The difference lies in the availability of cloud computing interface application-platform (API).

The work was performed under the project RFBR 12-07-00261 and the Program of the Presidium RAS 14.

Keywords: cloud computing, cloud computing architecture, standard, interoperability, interface, interoperability model of cloud computing.