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Surface-based radar for sea-ice monitoring

E. P. Smirnov, A. I. Baskakov, Y. I. Lukashenko

National Research University ĞMoscow Power Engineering Instituteğ

The paper is received on December 5, 2013

Abstract: Surface-based radar system can be used for remote sensing of characteristics of sea arctic ice fields, such as speed and direction of ice motion, distance to an ice floe and thickness of ice. For this purpose, we offered multi-channel coherent interferometric radar system that operates on one wavelength (8 mm). The radar system is design to use pulse (with wide bandwidth) compression techniques, coherent integration, doppler and interferometric processing to obtain high loop sensitivity and high resolution on speed, range and altitude. Radar data are acquired line by line while rotating the transmitting and receiving antennas about a vertical axis. In this article the design, measurement principles, simulation results and characteristics of surface-based radar are presented.

Key words: surface-based radar for sea ice monitoring, remote sensing, phase-difference interferometry.