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Temperature characteristics of magnetostatic surface waves in the yttrium iron garnet film-rare earth magnet system

V.V. Shagaev, Tun Tun Lin

Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Kaluga Branch

The paper is received on November 23, 2014


Abstract: Conditions of thermostabilization of the surface magnetostatic wave frequencies taking into account the temperature dependence of the magnetic bias field and the magnetic parameters of the ferrite films are defined. The results of experimental research in which a permanent magnet with a positive temperature coefficient of spontaneous magnetization was used are given. It is established that the thermocompensating influence of a magnetic anisotropy field of a ferrite film and a field of a permanent magnet substantially increase the value of the surface wave thermostable frequencies.

Key words: magnetostatic wave, ferrites, yttrium iron garnet, magnetic anisotropy, magnetization, temperature coefficient of frequency.