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calculatiON the energy characteristics of a phased array antenna  above the irregular earth surface by the parabolic equation method (three dimensional model)


M. S. Mikhailov,  V. A. Permyakov,  D. M. Sazonov

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University)


The paper is received on December 11, 2014

Abstract. A method of calculating the energy characteristics of an phased array antenna above the irregular earth surface by the parabolic equation method is presented. The phased array antenna is a periodic system of unidirectional radiating elements with centers lying in one plane. The radiation pattern of the radiating element embedded into the phased array is assumed to be known and is weakly directional. The model of the earth surface is a half-space with profile varying in two directions. The proposed technique can be applied to calculation of the sanitary-protective zone and the restriction zone of the phased array.

Key words phased array antenna, energetic characteristics, irregular earth surface, two-dimensional parabolic equation.