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Threshold method of measurement of extended objects speed in the detection area of short-range radio location devices


V. M. Artyushenko 1, V. I. Volovach 2

1Finance and Technology Academy, Korolev, Russia

2Volga Region State University of Service,  Togliatti, Russia


The paper is received on December 16, 2014


Abstract. The threshold method for measuring of motion speed of the extended object within detection area of the short-range radio location device reviewed and analyzed. It is shown that the using additional speed measurement channel therein not only allows to detect the extended object, but also allows to measure itís motion parameters. It is shown that applying of the Doppler signal in the amplitude selection channel can significantly reduce the phase noise, thereby increasing the accuracy of speed measuring of the extended object. An estimation of the potentially achievable object speed measurement accuracy of the short-range location devices is obtained.

Key words: threshold method, extended object, Doppler signal, speed measurement channel, radio location device, statistical characteristics of instantaneous frequency, amplitude threshold.