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Study of the dependence  of radar remote sensing data processing results on the processing parameters. Part 2. Results of the experiment.


A. A. Feoktistov 1, A. I . Zakharov 2, M. A. Gusev 1, P. V. Denisov 1

1 Joint Stock Company “Russian Space Systems”

2 Fryazino branch of Kotelnikov’ Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences


The paper is received on December 5, 2014



Abstract. Study of influence of SARscape PS module processing parameters on the efficiency of interferometric data processing procedure is made. The results of ASAR/ENVISAT data processing in the study are presented.

Key words: persistent scatterers technique, PS, SAR, ASAR, ENVISAT, atmospheric phase screen, APS, DEM.