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Laser formation of relativistic submicron electron bunches from plasma layers


Victor V. Kulagin1,2, Vladimir N. Kornienko2, Vladimir A. Cherepenin2

1Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Lomonosov Moscow State University

2Kotelínikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS


The paper is received on October 20, 2014


Abstract: Forming relativistic submicron electron bunches from plasma layers under the action of a super-intense laser pulse was proposed and studied with computer simulation. It was shown that the electron bunches can have a minimal thickness of tens of nanometers and energies of tens to hundreds of MeV. The charge of the bunches can be from picocoulombs to nanocoulombs. The role of the thickness and profile of gas layer and laser amplitude on characteristics of the relativistic electron bunches was studied. Simple analytical expressions were proposed to estimate parameters of the electron bunches.

Key words: super-intense laser pulses, plasma layers, relativistic submicron electron bunches.