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Radiation and scattering responses of waveguide antenna array with MEMS enabled reconfigurable frequency selective structure in aperture


A. I. Semenikhin., D. V. Semenikhina, Yu. V. Yukhanov

South Federal University


The paper is received on November 27, 2015


Abstract. Effect of the reconfigurable frequency selective structure (FSS) with capacitive MEMS-switches on characteristics of matching, radiation and scattering of the antenna array (AA) of the open ends of rectangular waveguides is investigated. It is shown that FSS transmits a radiation field of AA in case of switching on MEMS (in a band of 8  12 GHz). The best matching of AA is provided if the FSS is in close proximity to an aperture. Switching off MEMS weakens amplitude of the wave transmitting through FSS until 35 dB at resonance frequency of 9 GHz; resonance frequency of AA-FSS system depends on distance between the FSS and the AA aperture. Difference of RCS of back scattering of phased AA on working linear polarization in two states of MEMS-switches can make more than 10  15 dB.

Key words: frequency selective surface, microelectromechanical RF switches, reconfigurable FSS, waveguide antenna array.