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Multi-beam oscillator W-band resonator with distributed interaction


V. A. Tsarev 1, O. A. Gorlin 2, D. A. Nesterov 1

Yuri Gagarin state technical university of Saratov

2 Ryazan state radio engineering university


The paper is received on November 30, 2015, after correction - on December 30, 2015


Abstract. We investigated the possibility of creating in the W-band three-beam oscillator with fore-gap resonator excited at the π-mode oscillations.  3-D simulation of cavity system and a two dimensional nonlinear analysis of interaction processes showed the possibility of obtaining such a device at a frequency of  91.3 Ghz output power about 2 kW at an efficiency of 38 %.

Key words: W-band, multi-beam monotron, the resonator with distributed interaction, efficiency, simulation.