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Numerical research of radomes with edge


K. M. Baskov

Applied Electrodynamics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences


The paper is received on on December 4, 2015


Abstract. The electromagnetic properties of antenna radomes with an edge are researched. It is shown that "dark" area in wave front is formed because of the wave refraction while passing the radome’s wall.  It leads to a considerable rising of the side lobe levels of the antenna pattern in the edge-perpendicular plane. The correction procedures of this negative effect are suggested. It shows that the edge or other opaque elements of Radom made of a metamaterial with effective permittivity close to unity, have low level field in the direction of the shadow scattering. The research results presented in this article have been reported at the International Conference "Radiation and scattering of electromagnetic waves" (RSEMW 2015).

Keywords: radome, edge, dielectric, radiation pattern, permittivity, metamaterial.