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Ultra wide band  radiation system on the base of linear array of Vivaldi antennas for multi-beam hybrid antennas


S. E. Bankov 1, M. D. Duplenkova 2, V. A. Kaloshin 1

1 Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

2 National Research University "MPEI"


The paper is received on on December 10, 2015


Abstract. Characteristics of an infinite linear array of Vivaldi antennas in regime of excitation of the array element are investigated. A problem of calculation of Floquet channel scattering matrix for different values of phase shift between fields in neighboring array elements is solved with using of finite elements method. Phase and amplitude radiation pattern of the array element are calculated in frame of theory of infinite antenna arrays. Shape of radiation pattern and position of its phase center are analyzed in the wide frequency range. A possibility of a cluster type radiator design using a set of the array active elements to obtain a given level of beams intersection and a high level of efficiency of a multi-beam antenna is shown.

Keywords: antenna array, Vivaldi antenna, wide frequency range, Floquet channel.