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Synthesis and analysis of mirror-lens beam formers systems  for planar multi-beam antennas


V. A. Kaloshin, E. V. frolova

Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS


The paper is received on on December 10, 2015


Abstract. The problem of synthesis of planar two- layer mirror-lens systems that convert a cylindrical front into a flat one is considered. Differential equations for the surfaces of the mirror-lens and lens-mirror systems are obtained. As a result of numerical integration of differential equations for the mapping of the law, satisfying the Abbe "sine" condition, forms of aplanatic system surfaces are found. Using ray tracing technique for a plane front oblique incidence on one of the surfaces (reflecting or refracting) the analysis of asymmetrical aberrations for a scattering spot is conducted for large angles of view with using mean square aberration criterion. A comparison with aberrations in a two-layer single-reflecand three-layer two-mirror planar systems is done.

Key words: multi-beam antenna, mirror-lens system, aberrations, aplanatic system.