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Simulation of flicker noise in bicristal Josephson junctions


V. N. Gubankov1,  V.V. Pavlovskiy1, A.V. Snezhko1,2

1Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

2Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology


The paper is received on November 30, 2015


Abstract. Calculations of Josephson junction (JJ) IV-curve and response on external electromagnetic radiation in the presence of critical current and normal state resistance 1/f fluctuations (flicker noise) were performed. The influence of flicker-noise on JJ wide-band and selective detecting characteristics was investigated and com­pa­red with the influence of thermal noise. It was shown a qualitative coincidence of high-frequency JJ characteristics in the cases of flicker noise and normal current ther­mal fluctuations. In the case of flicker noise about 18% enhancement of classical detection fre­quency band is possible. A JJ oscillation linewidth is about twice greater in the case of flicker noise than in the case of thermal noise at the equal response am­plitudes. The results obtained show a possible significant influence of 1/f fluctuations on high-frequency JJ characteristics.

Key words: terahertz electronics, superconductivity, Josephson junction, flicker noise.