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Analysis of characteristics of whip antenna with a bend depending on the bend shape


A. N. Lukyanov, N. I. Fomichev,I. A. Winter

P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University


The paper is received on November 30, 2015


Abstract. Analysis of whip antenna characteristics is carried out according to the bend shape. Monopoles with a bend and variable linear part were analyzed. Thus we have a two-stage modeling and analysis. Electromagnetic simulations were conducted in CST Studio Suite. For a number of antenna configurations differing by bending angle relative to the main portion of the pin and the length of the core, we have obtained frequency dependences of  directional diagram, gain, input impedance. The correctness of the modeling was verified by comparative analysis of the characteristics of the probe without bending, obtained in CST Studio Suite, with the theoretical. It is shown that the increase of the angle of the bend leads to the displacement of the maximum input impedance to low frequencies. The possibility of reducing the size and improving performance by changing the design of the antenna, namely, the shortening of the linear part, is demonstrated. Such a construction with reduced dimensions may be used as a car antenna for frequencies of 1 to 3 GHz.

Key words: whip antenna, whip antenna is folded, the analysis of the characteristics of the antenna whip.