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spatial filtration of the THERMAL OBJECTS on the correlated atmospheric background 


I.V. Jakimenko, M.V. Zhendarev

Received February 6, 2009



In article are considered heat direction finders, working on the atmospheric background. Defining characteristics of such systems are the maximal range of detection (selection) at as much as possible wide angular floor of optical system. In such devices the removed thermal target will have the dot image borrowing on the screen of 1-2 pixels. Such mark to the operator for notice is difficultly. Therefore in work is considered the question of algorithm creation of the bidimentional spatial filter which capable automatically (without participation of the operator) to define coordinates of the dot thermal target.

The theoretical and practical importance of work consists in use of a plenty of the experimental data received on faculty of radio engineering in the military academy of ad in the course of the long period of time with use of specially developed techniques on the basis of which the mathematical modelling is carry out. The analysis of preliminary mathematical modelling results has confirmed working capacity of offered algorithm of the spatial filtration.

Novelty of the decision of the considered scientific problem consists in use of differences of spatial spectra of the "dotty" target and extensional background, and originality of the decision consists in the way of spectra estimation through coefficient of mutual correlation.

Scientific results of work can be used at creation of functioning algorithms of video processors optiko-electronic systems of the air targets detection having a wide field of vision.