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Application of porous layers and optimization of annealing of dopants and radiation defects to increase of sharpness of p-n-junctions distributions in bipolar heterotransistors

E. L. Pankratov

Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Received February 14, 2011 

Abstract. In this paper we consider an approach to decrease depth of p-n-junctions in a bipolar transistor in a semiconductor heterostructure. At one time with the decreasing of the depth homogeneity of dopant distributions in doped area increases. The approach based on application of inhomogeneity of the heterostructure and optimization of annealing time. To increase the both effects (decreasing of the depth and increasing of homogeneity of dopant distributions) it could be used inhomogenous distribution of defects (for example, porous) of materials of the heterostructure of materials.
increasing of sharpness of p-n-junctions; optimization of annealing; bipolar heterotransistors; heterostructures with porous layers.