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Use of parallel procedures for acceleration of calculations of an electromagnetic field of a laser radiation scattered in an integrated-optical waveguide with three-dimensional heterogeneities


A. A. Egorov1 , A. V. Stavtsev 2
A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

2 Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow

Received February 22, 2012

Paper is devoted to developing methods and algorithms for high-performance numerical solution of topical problems of vector waveguide three-dimensional scattering, requiring large computational resources and more memory. As an example, we consider the scattering problem of modes of the laser radiation on the 3D-inhomogeneities of the medium of three-layer integrated-optical waveguide. Previously obtained theoretical solution of the electrodynamic problem in integral form permits effectively implement the numerical solution of the problem. To this end, we implemented a parallel realization of the software module for the calculation of the radiation field outside the waveguide in two forms. Using the methods of parallel programming has allowed us to achieve a significant increase in computation speed. The paper presents: the scheme algorithms in the case of N compute nodes, with one thread on each node; an organizational chart of calculations in a multithreaded mode on basis of one computer with the multinuclear processor. To implement the parallel version of the program algorithm for calculating the amplitude of electromagnetic field outside the waveguide, we realized the program in C++ using the library for parallel programming MPICH. Using of the methods of parallel programming has allowed us to achieve a significant increase in the rate of calculations.

Keywords: optical waveguide, guided and radiation modes, dispersion relation, three-dimensional irregularities, waveguide scattering, numerical simulation, computer experiment, FDTD-method, parallel programming, cluster, calculations in the multithreaded mode.