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Study of the relationship of energy spectra of molecules and the transport characteristics of single-electron transistor on their basis


Y. S. Gerasimov, V. V. Shorokhov, A. G. Maresov, E. S. Soldatov, O. V. Snigirev

Department of Physics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Received February 12, 2012


Abstract. The relationship of energy spectra of a molecule and transport charecteristics of single-electron transistor based on this molecule is studied. Electron energy spectra of small molecules of carboran C2B10H12, fullerene C60 and platinum molecular cluster are calculated by means of quantum methods for their ground and exited charge energy states. Effective capacitance parameters are established and parametric approach for calculating electron levels in the molecule energy spectra is proposed. Finally transport characteristics of the molecular single-electron transistor are calculated by Monte-Carlo simulation.

Key words: molecular electronics, single-electron transistor, electronic nanodevices, discrete energy spectra, stability diagram.