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Detection of resonant torsional oscillations of the quasi one-dimensional conductor TaS3 with the heterodyne mixing technique


M. V. Nikitin, V. Ya. Pokrovskii, S. V. Zybtsev

Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

Received February 11, 2013 , after correction - February 19, 2013

Abstract. Proposed is the technique for detection of torsional oscillations of whiskers of orthorhombic TaS3 – a quasi one-dimensional conductor with charge-density wave (CDW). The technique is based on the frequency modulation of the voltage applied across the sample. The torsional oscillations are induced by the intrinsic torque arising in the CDW sample under electric field, and the conductivity modulation is induced by the torsional strain of the sample. In this the technique is essentially different from those applied before. It is promising for studies of the high-frequency electromechanical properties of the CDW conductors, including nanosized samples.

Keywords: charge-density wave, torsional strain, nanomechanics, MEMS-NEMS, actuator, self-detection, tensoresistance, heterodyne, elastic moduli.