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Parallel computing for the solving of the problems of physical-topologic modeling in semiconductor devices taking into account the radiation effect


V. K. Kiselev, S. V. Obolensky, A. S. Puzanov, A. V. Skupov

Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, National Research University


 The paper is received on February 10, 2014

Abstract. The paper presents the results of parallel computing on GPUs for the  solving of the problem of charge transport in semiconductor devices taking into account the radiation effect. By the example of quasi-hydrodynamic model, the  reduction of partial differential equations to the differential-algebraic problem and numerical methods for solving it are consistently considered. The efficiency of the considered algorithms is shown by the example of the the test problem solution.

Key words: physical and topological modeling of semiconductor devices, quasi-hydrodynamic approximation, parallel computing on graphics processors, numerical solution of differential-algebraic equations, modeling of radiation effects on semiconductor devices.