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A goal function limit values more precise definition in maximum information criterion aimed for orbit group arrangement for HAARP radiation monitoring


A. R. Murlaga

Federal state unitary enterprise “Central radio research institute named after academician A.I. Berg”


 The paper is received on February 17, 2014

Abstract. An application of satellite systems for monitoring of the ionosphere from space after its artificial steerable disturbance is discussed in this paper. An arrangement of orbit group for continuous HAARP data acquisition is suggested. The purpose of the paper includes an estimation of probability of station activity in current instant for its given carrier frequency. This estimation is based on a priori data handling about HAARP heater activity during January – March 2008. As a result limit values of goal function in maximum information criterion were specified. This function takes the maximum value for station carrier frequency 2.7 MHz. It is Đ(Sí, m)=0,175 at night and Đ(Sí, m)=0,097 by day. An analysis of reflecting heights from ionosphere for HAARP signals involving current a priori data reveals an inability of station monitoring from space in daytime using only its primary radiation. To solve the problem at night one must use low orbit satellite group.

Keywords: ionosphere; ionosphere heating facilities; HAARP, space system for monitoring; natural ELF/VLF antennas.