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The influence of the angular displacement of the antenna and eclipsing on the accuracy of direction finding by a radar with conical beam suppressing the active noise interference in the main direction of directional diagram


S. A. Torbin 

Military Air Defense Academy


The paper is received on February 4, 2015


Abstract. The method of imitating modelling is used to investigate the influence of angular movings of the purpose and a hindrance source relative to equisignal directions of the aerial of a monopulse radar with conic expansion of a beam on accuracy of direction finding of the purpose at indemnification of the noise hindrance operating from a direction of the basic petal of the directional diagram. The influence of eclipsing on accuracy of direction finding is investigated in the case when the scanning is conic. Limits of angular speeds of moving purpose and a hindrance relative to equisignal directions at which errors of direction finding do not exceed the set limits are defined. It is defined that at the peak modulation resulting eclipsing, there is a regular displacement пеленга, caused by character of change bending around in time. The way of calculation of bearing by averaging of the estimations received for set of weight factors of an adaptive antenna lattice on different steps of sounding and processing of signals at conic scanning is offered.

Key words: noise interference, conical scanning, monopulse radar.