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Method for calculation of radiotechnical characteristics of antenna-radome systems


K.M. Baskov, A.I. Fedorenko, S.A. Fedorov

Institute of Theoretical and Applieed Electrodynamics of RAS


 The paper is received on January 18, 2016


Abstract. The paper presents a new technique, based on the principles of physical optics, for the calculation of the radio-technical characteristics of antenna radome system with dimensions of tens of wavelengths. This method is compared with the other existing physico-optical methods. It is shown that the accuracy of the new method is significantly better than the accuracy of existing methods. The developed method was tested via comparison of results with the moment method calculations in CAD program package FEKO. Also, the results of computational and experimental studies to improve the radiotechnical characteristics of the radome are discussed. The research results presented in this article have been reported at the Second All-Russian Microwave Conference (26-28 November 2014, Moscow).

Keywords: radome, radiation pattern, physical optics, boresight error.