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Analysis of a dual-periodic slotted waveguide array with frequency-phase beam scanning capabilities


V. I. Kalinichev1 , A. A. Babaskin 2

1 Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics  RAS

2 RF Mtech, SEUL, Korea


 The paper is received on February 2, 2016


Abstract. A model is proposed for the numerical analysis of the propagation constant of the leaky mode in a dual-periodic array of rectangular waveguides with slots in the broad wall. The real and imaginary parts of the propagation constant depending on the frequency are computed for different phase shifts between adjacent waveguides. Comparison with the propagation constant of the leaky mode in the linear one-dimensional array is given. It is shown that the frequency dependences of the phase and attenuation constants have specific features at certain phase shifts. The angular coordinates of the beam in space and the 2D scanning range are calculated with changing the frequency and phase shift in the considered bounds.

Keywords:  antenna arrays, slotted waveguides, leaky mode, 2D beam scanning.