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application of ALOS\PALSAR multi-temporal radar acquisitions for detection of ground displacements under Arctic conditions


A. V. Filatov

 Research Institute of Applied Informatics and Mathematical Geophysics
of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University


 The paper is received on December 2, 2015, after correction - on February 9, 2016


Abstract. The paper describes features of interferometric processing of ALOS\PALSAR multi-temporal radar acquisitions under conditions of changeable landscapes. Industrial areas of western part of Russian Arctic such as Kovdor ore mining and processing enterprise and Kolskaya mining company and adjacent territories were selected as regions of interest. The new method of multi-temporal radar images coregistration was proposed for accurate frames resampling under conditions of temporal decorrelation. Maps of ground surface deformations and persistent scatterers displacements rates were presented. It is concluded that ALOS and ALOS-2 data can be applied to projects on ecological monitoring of mineral resources deposits of Kola Peninsula.

Key words: synthetic aperture radar, satellite radar interferometry, persistent scatterers interferometry, radar images coregistration, ALOS, PALSAR.