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Signal detection in a radiating nonlinear electromagnetic crystal 


S. E. Bankov

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS, Moscow

Received November 9, 2011


Abstract. Interaction of electromagnetic waves in infinite radiating electromagnetic crystal which elements contain nonlinear resistive-capacitive two-ports is considered. The structure is excited by a free space plane wave at dominant frequency. Boundary problem for fields inside electromagnetic crystal is simultaneously solved with a nonlinear problem for currents and voltages at nonlinear two-ports. Radiating elements are described approximately without consideration of their mutual coupling. Results of numerical and analytical study of detection of signal produced by free space plane wave are presented. The structure is optimized by a criterion of transformation loss minimum. It is shown that electromagnetic crystal in detection regime may have high directivity not connected with its geometrical dimensions.

Keywords: electromagnetic crystal, non-linear antenna array, signal detection.