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Method of pulsed electromagnetic ultra wideband sounding of the underlying environment


V. B. Boltintsev, V. N. Ilyakhin, K. P. Berzrodnyi

Geological Institute, Sankt-Petergburg

Received January 16, 2012


Abstarct. A method for subsurface EMI UWB sounding is using different DSRD (Drift Step Recovery Diodes) generators for the emission of electromagnetic waves. More depth of the signal propagation is based on the manifestation of the low-frequency dispersion of the dielectric constant of the medium, which is due to the presence of induced polarization with the dipole-relaxation mechanism, which describes the behavior of wet soil under the influence of a strong electromagnetic pulse field. The article describes methods for solving the inverse problem of depth and a comparison of EMI UWB sounding predictions ahead of tunnels with the results of direct tunneling.

Keywords: ultra wide band - UWB; drift sep recovery diodes; Wiener Hopf equation (method); underground radar measurements.