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The Identification of  Image Signals by Robust Systems with Stochastic Pumping


V. I. Nevolin, M. B. Merenkov, D. V. Ivaneev, M. A. Zuikova

Federal State State-Financed Educational Institution of High Professional Education “South Ural State University” (national research university)

Received January 16, 2013


Abstract: The problems of methodology of robust systems of  the identification of signals with unknown parameters as well as the identification of  image signals under  the conditions of  powerful additive hindrances, e.g. for  space  radiosonde observation,  are dealt with in the article.  The nonparametric stochastic approach based on selective  distributions of observations is used here. The synthesis of the schemes of robust filters is carried out by the robust  nonlinear  filtration method, and the identification (filtration and detection) of signals – by constructing  robust  partial systems. The basis of physical increase of robust systems’ noise stability due to the phenomenon of power transformations under  the conditions of  stochastic automatic rating from attendant additive hindrances is laid down in the paper. The results of the conducted simulation show  the essential  increase of  noise stability in comparison with the coordinated filtration.

Keywords: robust methods, nonlinear filtering, numerical modeling, stochastic pumping.