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Study of ultra-wide band circular antenna array


V. L. Birukov, N. A. Efimova, V. I. Kalinichev, V. A. Kaloshin, L. I. Pangonis

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

Received January 15, 2013


Abstract: The problem of synthesis and analysis of circular antenna array for the azimuth scanning in ultra-wide band (more than 1:100) is considered. The review of UWB radiators used as the elements of antenna arrays is given. The results of the matching characteristics analysis of various modifications of TEM horns have been obtained with the use of a numerical-analytical theory and FEM are given. Numerical modeling of the matching characteristics of and radiation of a circular antenna array of asymmetrical loop TEM horns as elements is done. Comparison of the results of numerical simulation and physical experiment is conducted.

Keywords: ultra wideband antenna, TEM horn, circular antenna array.