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UDC 551.465

Study of behaviour of the ocean and atmosphere in areas of activity of cyclones with satellite microwave radiometric and ground-based means

A. G. Grankov, S. V. Marechek, A. A. Milshin, E. A. Novichikhin, N. K. Shelobanova

Kotel'nikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS


Received January 11, 2013


Abstract. In the paper a behavior of the ocean-atmosphere system characteristics is analyzed basing on the data of direct (contact) and satellite microwave radiometric measurements. We considered some similar and distinctive features of their dynamics in the mid latitudes of the North Atlantic (its energy active zones - Norwegian, Newfoundland and Gulf Stream) forcing the weather conditions in Europe, and in the tropical latitudes of the Atlantic (Gulf of Mexico, areas of the Bahamas), which are the sources of the tropical cyclogenesis.

Keywords: North Atlantic and tropical cyclones, system ocean-atmosphere, satellite microwave radiometric measurements, brightness temperature, direct measurements.