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Influence of aperiodicity and inversion of phases on electro-magnetic coherence of piezocomposite with quasiperiodic structure


A. A. Paníkov

State National Research Politechnical University of Perm


The paper is received on January 10, 2014


Abstract. The analysis of point-to-point correlation functions of casual quasiperiodic structure is given and analytical decisions for tensors of effective properties of quasiperiodic piezoelectro-magnetic composites in the form of a linear combination of the known relevant decisions for tensors of effective properties of composites from ideally periodic and polydisperse structures are received. New decisions included "frequency coefficient", this is coefficient of correlation of quasiperiodic and periodic structures. The numerical analysis of influence of aperiodicity and inversion of properties of phases on values of longitudinal coefficient of electromagnetic communication of a composite with quasiperiodic unidirectional fibrous structure from piezoelectric (PVF) and piezomagnetic (ferrite) of phases is submitted. New effects are revealed and comparison of results of calculation with known decisions of other authors is carried out.

Keywords: piezocomposite, electro-magnetic elasticity, effective properties, quasiperiodic structure.